Cheese balls

Cheese balls

Today it's a very easy and quick snack and it's also very tasty, ideal to drink with a cold beer or soda, like the ones sent to me from the company Degustabox .

  • 130 gr of goat cheese
  • 70 gr cream cheese spread
  • 70 gr cream cheese spread li>
  • cocktail of nuts with honey and salt Matutano *
* If you do not have this brand of nuts, you can add a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt to the cocktail of fruits dried of your choice.


We remove the crust from the goat cheese and mix it with the creamy spreadable cheese, until we obtain a fine mixture. small balls, that we will let cool for one hour in the freezer or something else in the refrigerator.
We crush the cocktail of nuts with honey and we reboremos the balls of cheese.
We puncture them with a toothpick and let them cool in the fridge until the moment of consumption.

I know that many @ s of you already know Degustabox, either through blogger, facebook or twitter, but it is probable that there is still people who do not know them

Degustabox is a company with an innovative and very original sales initiative. They have a monthly subscription offer (the permanence you decide, since you can unsubscribe when you want) to a kit of new products (not samples) of major brands (Hornimanns, Lindt, Lay's, Trident, Dr. Oetker , Ortiz ...) where you will find 8 to 12 products of recognized brands.
What is the benefit for the consumer? That the box only costs 12.99 euros (transport included) and that the value in the supermarket would always be higher, therefore while saving, we try the new products of the best known brands. But the savings can be greater if you place this promotional code, so the first month you will only pay 9.99 euros

You will find more information on your facebook page or on Twitter

Cheese balls

The box that you see in the photo is the surprise tasting box corresponding to the month of August and in it you can see all the products it contained. And since of well-born is to be grateful , I have made this recipe with one of the products that they sent me.

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