Zucchini and tomato carpaccio

Zucchini and tomato carpaccio

If you want an appetizer, a salad or an original accompaniment, easy and quick to prepare, but above all very rich, do not hesitate to do what I propose.

I recognize that every day I like everything more vegetable, for that reason as soon as I saw this appetizer in some blogs I did not hesitate for a moment in preparing it. I have always eaten the cooked zucchini and I could not imagine what its raw flavor would be and the truth is that I liked it a lot, so much so that I have prepared it a few times more. But I have also seen that you can make many variants of this recipe, which I will gradually try: accompanying it with nuts, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese or mozarella ... I'll tell you.

When I bought them I decided on the smallest, most tender and juicy courgettes, and I discarded the central part (which I take advantage of to do pisto, for example) staying alone with the lateral ones, without seeds.

I hope you like it.


(For two people)

  • 1 Zucchini
  • 1 tomato
  • mozzarella cheese or grated parmesan
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

Zucchini and tomato carpaccio
We cut very thin strips of zucchini, with the help of a mandolin, peeler or a sharp knife; it is important that we stay as fine as possible.

We cut the tomato into very thin slices
We salpiment the zucchini and the tomato

Watering with a thin trickle of extra virgin olive oil
We cover with abundant grated cheese (To make the photo I have put a little less cheese, in order to see the vegetables, but the more abundant, the better)

We serve and savor;)

Inspired by: Delights from Barcelona to Buenos Aires
Zucchini and tomato carpaccio