Lemon curd or lemon cream

I remember that my mother used to always have a box of assorted cookies Cuétara; As soon as I opened my hand it went straight to the lemon-filled cookies and if I could, I finished them all. They were my favorites and today are still the ones I like the most, and that is the citrus flavor is one of my favorites in baking.

The lemond curd is an English specialty, which served on scones or bread to accompany the afternoon tea. It is also known as lemon curd or lemon butter.
It is ideal for filling cakes, tarts, cakes, cookies ... given its creamy and smooth texture. To me, part of eat it to spoonfuls;), I like to add it to the natural yogurt or take it in the mornings well extended in my toast of bread of oats or rye, it is my way to start the day with a good dose of positive energy; D
I'm sure you've done it almost to everyone, because it's a recipe that is repeated in most blogs (mine was not going to be less hahaha) But if you have not done it yet I suggest you that you get to work and enjoy the taste of this delight.


These quantities are for a bottle of approximately 450 gr.
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 gr of glass sugar
  • 50 g of butter



Grate > the clean and dry skin of the lemons, avoiding the white part so that the cream does not bitter us.

We squeeze the lemons and we strain the juice

We beat the juice of the s lemons, grated skin, sugar and eggs slightly beaten, enough to mix.

We put all the ingredients inside a saucepan and we take it to the fire, at medium temperature (between 65 and 68º, with this temperature we avoid that the egg settles us)

We remove during the time it is on fire. When it has a creamy consistency, we remove it from the heat and we strain it into another container.

We add the butter and mix until it is melted.


Unless I need to fill in a lot, I prefer to do a small amount and do more when you need it, because in the refrigerator it lasts a few days. With these quantities we obtain a jar like the one in the photograph, so you can get an idea.

It must be kept in the fridge very well covered.

Source: Gastronomíaycia